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Victory Garden Harvest Video

We want to share the video that accompanied the Victory Harvest Dinner on Saturday night.  All went well—we prepared 107 dinners! Delivered all over Laguna and beyond.Wonderful menu—Appetizer—Mosaic of Summer and Fall, Salad—Roasted beet, persimmon, walnut, baby kale, grilled halloumi, Entrees—braised lamb shank or stuffed acorn squash, Dessert—Stone fruit buckle with pomegranate drizzle, coconut whip.  Many thanks to Farmer Leo and Chef Tiffani Tincher

And the dedicated garden volunteers and contributors
Organizing committee:  Barbara Granger, Lisa LaCorte, Jennifer Turner, Carly Sciacca, Ruben Flores, Ann ChristophInvitations: Adrienne WilliamsonFinances, list management: Mary IvesArt Auction: Ann Christoph, Carly Sciacca, Ron McWhorter of the Art-a-fair Foundation, Dana Adams of CVOCDecorations: Barbara Granger, Wens-day Garcia, Carly SciaccaDinner Assembly: Sally Coffey, Anita Dobbs, Ann Christoph, Elaine Kazzi, Maurine GoldsmithDrivers: Anita Dobbs, Ruben Flores, Nelson Coates,  Nanci Nielsen, Nancy Miller, Ken Hughes,  Elaine Kazzi, Maurine GoldsmithVideo: Nelson Coates, MC extraordinaire, Ruben Flores and Ann Christoph video clips, Charles Michael Murray, video productionKitchen donation: Anneliese Schools—Liesa Schimmelpfenig, Erin SparkuhlWine donation: Purple CorduroyCoasters: Greg O’Loughlin (wood rounds individually branded with Garden logo), South Laguna Civic AssociationCandles:  Carly Sciacca and Alani Sciacca (hand created)Chocolates: Ceccilia Elgueta (hand created)Non-profit management: Anne Olin and Amy Klein of Charitable Ventures of Orange County
The auction is open until 5 today!  So you still have a chance to bid! Enjoy the beauty of the Garden as depicted by these talented artists.  Victory Garden Harvest — 2020

Dining with Art & Music by South Laguna Garden Family

(Please note—all city council members and all city council candidates were invited to participate in the video)


Auction ends Monday, October 5 at 5 p.m. Bid now!