Sign the Petition to Help Save the Garden


Thank you for your interest in the South Laguna Community Garden Park.  Now is the time to tell our City Council that you support their taking the next steps to acquire the Garden Park property.  Please sign this petition for presentation at Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

We have been gardening on the property with the initial agreement of the owner since 2009, but we don’t own the land.  We have raised $175,000 and the City has committed $500,000 toward buying the property.  The problem has been that the new land owners, who live in Saudi Arabia, have not responded to either our or the City’s letters.  Now City council members Steve Dicterow and Rob ZurSchmiede have prepared an agenda bill outlining the next steps—getting an appraisal and making an offer.  With a deal on the table we will be able to raise more funds and work with the City to make the purchase happen.  Your contributions are welcome.  (They are tax deductible.)

Here’s the Agenda for the City Council Meeting:



Since 2009, the South Laguna Civic Association (SLCA) has operated the South Laguna Community Garden (Garden) on privately-owned parcels located at 31610 and 31616 South Coast Highway. The Garden is open to the public and gardening plots are made available to the public after payment of infrastructure and annual membership fees. The members of the Garden have devoted many hours to its development and maintenance while businesses and individuals have donated supplies. The Garden also serves as a location for community and educational events.

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