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Got KALE? Give to the Friendship Shelter Garden!

Got KALE? Give to the Friendship Shelter Garden!

Do you have too much kale? Is your lettuce growing like crazy?

We are seeking vegetable donations and are looking for volunteers to help with the harvesting of produce for the Friendship Shelter. Carly runs the amazing Friendship Shelter donation program for the South Laguna Community Garden. Carly along with other volunteers help to grow vegetables in special Friendship Shelter plots located throughout the community garden.  Carly picks the vegetables and delivers them to the Friendship Shelter around three times a week.

This important program changes people’s lives for the better and gives access to fresh, vitamin rich vegetables, not always available to the residents at the shelter. Myron Wacholder maintains the main beautiful friendship shelter plot in the lower garden. Each week, Carly sends a list and photos of the produce to guest chefs at the Friendship Shelter. The chefs incorporate the fresh vegetables into their recipes to provide nourishing, healthy and fresh food for the residents. Residents can also cook the vegetables themselves. Though we work through the Friendship Shelter, our produce goes to all of the homeless shelters in Laguna.

This fantastic program needs your valuable vegetable contributions and support to keep growing! Carly is seeking volunteers to help with picking, or contributions from gardeners with excess vegetables. If you don’t think you can finish all that lettuce in your plot before it goes to seed, send Carly a quick email and arrange for her to take it to the shelter.

Carly pick vegetables on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m. then drops them off at the shelter around 10:00 a.m. If you can’t make these times, please reach out to Carly, so she can arrange to collect the veggies for you.

You can contact Carly at: