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Garden Elf invites residents to sing-along at SoLag Garden on Dec 10

Written by LYNETTE BRASFIELD from Dec. 8th’s StuNews
The Garden Elf – a mysterious, wide-eyed creature that morphs into troll, frog, tomte or leprechaun, whatever the viewer chooses to see – lives a quiet life in the South Laguna Community Park for most of the year.
But at Christmas time, the plant creature dons a Santa hat and hosts holiday festivities, including sing-alongs – though you won’t hear a sound from its mouth, mostly because it doesn’t have one; the creature communicates via the whisperings of the wind through its leafy cheeks, and it doesn’t speak English, either, or so I hear.
Elf, troll, frog or leprechaun – you make the call – is ready for Christmas
Elf guests are asked to bring their singing voices along with treats and snacks to share.  Music direction will be by the Garden Band; songbooks and funny hats will be provided; as stated, songs will be accompanied by the Elf as wind instrument.
There are many legends about the Elf, all of which are considered true if told by the children of Laguna.
In spring this year, the creature blushed quite pink, I’m told, not too long after Valentine’s Day. Coincidence that attractive new flowers bloom nearby at this time? I think not.
But here’s a more practical explanation, according to ukulele master and S Laguna Community Garden Park fan Tom Joliet: “The ice plant covering the Elf’s face is full of pink flowers when in bloom, resulting in a rosy complexion during the spring.”
The Elf’s noggin is topped with spiky society garlic hair (to scare away vampires at Halloween, some say.)
And while the Elf (or troll or frog or leprechaun) lacks a mouth, the creature does have large eucalyptus tree trunk ears, eager to hear neighbors and visitors enjoying the garden park.
“Being festive is Garden Elf’s favorite activity,” Joliet says. “The Elf thrives on happiness.”
Oh, and don’t forget to take a selfie with the Elfie…(or is he/she a sprite that sprouted? You get to make the call. That’s the magic of the creature).
Details: The holiday festivities at the South Laguna Community Garden Park take place this Sun, Dec 10 from 2-4 p.m. The Garden Park is located at Coast Highway and Eagle Rock Way. Bring the family.
Note: The Garden Elf appeared in the South Laguna Community Garden Park Valentine’s Day, 2016. Legends are being collected every day.