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Art competition at the Garden Park

Art competition at the Garden Park

Artists invited!

The colorful blooms at the South Laguna Community Garden Park are calling out to be painted.  The Garden is especially beautiful now, and we invite artists to come, experience and record their interpretations on canvas (or other medium) as part of a painting competition.

The Garden is closed to the general public during this pandemic period, but we are welcoming artists with their easels and sketch pads, with the goal of producing inspiring artwork to share with others during this difficult time.  Face coverings and maintenance of social distance are required.

Last year’s gala/farm to table dinner benefit for the Garden featured an engaging painting of the Garden by Michael Obermeyer on the invitation cover.  We would like to highlight an artist’s work again at this year’s event, planned for October 3.  But because being able to hold a similar event this year is uncertain, we have a contingency plan—a painting competition and art sale that would be part of the event, or on-line depending on the circumstances, featuring the winner but including all of the submitted works.

Paintings of the Garden will be due by June 30.

Download and fill out the registration form and send to  We will return
a registration badge that you should keep with you while you are painting at the Garden since only Garden
members and registered artists are allowed inside the Garden at this time.